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Bombardier Transportation – Engineering Management System

In 2013, I started a project as part of my work as an engineer with Bombardier Transportation to create an engineering management control centre. I used Microsoft SharePoint to create a means for engineering managers and teams to keep track of all their important technical information. This has led to significant improvements in efficiency, effectiveness, and project quality.

What We Did

Using SharePoint Enterprise 2007, we created an Engineering Management Control Centre. The SharePoint site became the home for all technical documentation, system interface data, project tasks, technical open issues, and more. The site was used by over 100 people from all over the world to coordinate the technical efforts on a project with more than 100,000 engineering hours budgeted.

The Results

This was a novel approach to engineering management at Bombardier Transportation. The system helped to automate and coordinate things that had been done by hand, or using Excel spreadsheets. The engineering manager in charge of the project had more control and better visibility on what his team was doing around the world.

What Bombardier has to Say

Bombardier Transportation loved the system so much it became a standard fixture for managing projects in the Kingston, Ontario office. The project lead to Pat Sweet (TCC’s owner) being nominated for a Bombardier Innovation Award.


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April 13, 2014

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