AOR Management Inc.

AOR Management Inc.

AOR Management – International Music Management

AOR Management Inc. is based in Seattle, Washington and provides international music management for classical artists.

What We Did

Tandem Consulting Co. has been working with AOR Management Inc. and their director, Jenny Rose, since February of 2012. We completed a major overhaul of the AOR website, providing a 100% customized site that fits exactly what Jenny wanted. We keep AOR’s news page, audio, and video clips up to date on a weekly basis. We also do all of AOR’s graphics work as well. Finally, we make sure that everything we do is publicized through the official AOR Facebook page and their YouTub channel as well.

The Results

Since creating the site, Jenny has had 10’s of thousands of visitors from over 100 countries. The site is exactly what Jenny wanted, and her artists have been happy to be represented there.

What Jenny’s Saying

Pat took on a very large project for me – restructuring and designing my entire international music management website. This meant that I asked him to grasp an accurate feel of what I do, how I want to portray each of my artists, what would increase their and my own visibility on a worldwide basis, and understand my own vision and that of each of my artists. I found his own ability to understand these needs in a very short space of time excellent and refreshing. He worked within the time frame we agreed and did a superlative job which was complimented on worldwide by many presenters and promoters in addition to my artists. Very pleased with his services!

– Jenny Rose, Diretor of AOR Management Inc.

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April 13, 2014

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