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Tandem Consulting Co. helps organizations thrive by providing expert advice, training, and services on product development, product management, innovation management, project management, strategy, and marketing.


We offer services in product management, project management, and innovation management.

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What people are saying

I would happily recommend Tandem Consulting Co. for any website upkeep and construction. They are extremely efficient, friendly, and responsive, and build very attractive as well as advanced sights. He’s able to build the full range of sites, from the most simple to the most advanced… I highly recommend him!

Leila Josefowicz

Professional Violinist, MacArther Fellow, Leila Josefowicz

Your message on engineering leadership was right on target, and filled with practical advice for all our engineers… I was immediately impressed with your 12-week email series on engineering leadership, and this week’s session was the perfect follow-up. I got positive comments from the participants, and was impressed that different engineers were particularly touched by different topics.

Bill Williams

Engineering Manager, CF Industries

Pat took on a very large project for me… I found his own ability to understand these needs in a very short space of time excellent and refreshing. He worked within the time frame we agreed and did a superlative job which was complimented on worldwide by many presenters and promoters in addition to my artists. Very pleased with his services!

Jenny Rose

Owner, AOR Management Inc.

Tandem Consulting Co. was fantastic to work with. They were very knowledgeable, and were able to help us out in a pinch. I’d be more than happy to recommend them.

Dr. Vanessa Sweet

Chair, Kingston Catholic Doctors' Guild

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